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Sangha Interactive: Our Global Expansion into South Africa

Sangha Interactive: Global Expansion into South Africa

We are delighted to announce that Sangha Interactive will be expanding its business inside of the online South Africa market. We will be using our award-winning products to help the hotel and casino industry out in South Africa.

We share with you here, our products that will be used to help the development of hotel and casino business and online integration. Players will soon be able to access South Africa’s best casinos online and play poker, slots, and blackjack.

Below comes all the technical detail of our service and how we look to perform this change in online gaming and hospitality.

E-commerce software has been developed for your EsRP

E-commerce software for seamless integration into your EsRP. Sangha eCommerce speaks the same sync language as EsRP SAP and Microsoft 1.0 Dynamics that we support. This means you get optimal performance, minimal maintenance and exceptional sales.

EsRP E-commerce: the power of Sangha Commerce products

Sangha Commerce uses its EsRP instead of data recovery and business logic. Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft 1.0 Dynamics 1365 is the only source of truth, and the online store offers accurate and up-to-date information.

Your SAP Business One system for SAP HANA is a modern, powerful and flexible tool that you can use to monitor the growth of your business. Sangha Commerce can do the same and meet the most stringent requirements without reproducing the data or the business logic.

Sensitive online store

The Sangha online store is amazing and easy to use on all devices. The responsive design ensures that customers can order where and when they want.

Professional design

Whether you sell to professional buyers or consumers, your Sangha Commerce online store will appeal to your audience.

Designed for conversion

We use more than 20 years of experience in e-commerce and online marketing to create online shops that are designed to maximize sales success.

Sangha transactions for SAP Business One for SAP HANA

Sangha Commerce turns SAP HANA into SAP Business One, an e-commerce engine that provides the tools needed to empower customers, simplify their IT infrastructure, and take their shopping experience to the next level.

Independent customer

Returning power to your customers can be one of the best decisions for your business. The millennial generation is expected to soon create more than half of the workforce, which means that time is running out. Your company must be where the buyer is - online.

Improved business performance

Would you like to expand your sales channel and activate your sales team? You can find the answer in the online shop developed by EsRP. If you offer personalized product advice, want to give sellers the ability to connect to online shops to represent customers, or want to bring your product catalog to overseas markets, Sangha will cover it.

Simplified installation and ongoing maintenance

Don’t let the fear of your IT investment stop you from taking the next important steps in the digital transformation of your company. Sangha Commerce’s online shop is easy to use and comprehensive, so you can benefit from it whether you have IT experience at home or not.

Best shopping experience

Do you want your customers to be happier, more aware and more involved? Sangha stores offer a variety of functions, from dynamic store calculations to sophisticated online stores developed especially for their customers. With Sangha, your customers will always find what they are looking for and enjoy the journey.

Renewal and certification

Looking for an e-commerce solution you can trust in the future, including a new version of SAP Business One for SAP HANA. For this reason, we commit to supporting all major new versions of SAP Business One for HANA every month after publication.

Sangha is a SAP partner and our software is certified for the integration of applications in SAP HANA. Provides a fully integrated e-commerce platform with guaranteed availability for SAP HANA. You can find Sangha Commerce in the SAP Store.

SazaS E-commerce: a new way to take advantage of integrated e-commerce

Sangha SazaS was introduced to help our customers implement the SazaS e-commerce strategy. It is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed quickly and is always up to date. Since you ship the full product, you don’t have to pay for the advanced customization (which must be paid back during the software upgrade). Everything you need is included in the low monthly fee. You can easily add new features via the App Store. If you need help, this is part of your order.

In summary, the SazaS online shop is proof of the future. Sangha SazaS too.

With Sangha SazaS, you can enjoy ESRP integration as powerfully as the company’s Sangha Commerce software. With automatic updates, however, the App Store is free, so you can instantly buy new and easy subscription features every month.