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Here we share with you the business products that we will be using for our next business venture out in Reno. Casino investment online is huge and we are going to be helping 80% of Reno casino business to convert their model online with our tools and services.

Online gambling is now the most dominating force online and games like slots, poker and blackjack are looked for by masses, especially in Reno.

If you have any interest in converting your business into an online powerhouse, then read on and you’ll understand our conversion model and systems to how we achieve these goals to boost your business potential for a modern future.

The online store is designed for Microsoft 1.0 Dynamics AX EsRP

Prepare your growing business with solutions that turn ERP into an e-commerce engine.

Exploit the full potential of your 1.0 Dynamics AX EsRP application Invest in 1.0 Dynamics AX and make it a stable data center for your business. Don’t lose all that work. Choose an e-commerce solution that uses ERP data to develop comprehensive e-commerce capabilities. This solution is Word Commerce. With Word’s integrated e-commerce approach, you can use more advanced e-commerce (using real-time EsRP data) and start trading within a few weeks.

Broaden your business visions

If you’re like most of your colleagues, investing in Microsoft 1.0 Dynamics AX can help you run your business like a well-oiled machine. With integrated e-commerce, you can get the most out of your investment by securing the future of your current digital approach.

With 1.0 Dynamics AX EsRP as the core of our approach, Word Commerce can support and optimize all important business processes, including resources for multiple languages and currencies. We are the ideal solution for a large company. A new task.

Profit from your investment in Dynamics AX

Integrated e-commerce software solutions such as Sana are partially installed in ERP Dynamics AX, so you can avoid the complex connections required for the interface solution or shopping cart software. . This eliminates the challenge of storing and copying all data outside of the ERP, and means that your e-commerce experience is going well and that you can focus on finding new business opportunities for your business.

Reliable and measurable online store

Managing a large business is not easy, but Word can help you simplify e-commerce maintenance. We’re not just using your ERP data to add cool new features to your e-commerce website. We also keep an eye on the ball when it comes to ensuring that the experience continues to work for your business. Thanks to the reliability of our solution, Sana can help you extend your online store for optimal performance, manage higher traffic, sell in different regions or sales models, and much more, whatever your configuration. Room at the back

ERP integration ready to use

SANA’s easy-to-use solution is quick and easy to implement and completely removes data (and unnecessary backups) from silos.

Flexible and expandable

Our turnkey solutions are durable, but can be developed and improved with additional payment modules such as payment, shipping, PIM, offer (CPQ), taxes, etc.

Customizable and scalable

Word’s integrated e-commerce approach can increase your company’s reach, while our SaaS solution (Word SaaS) enables e-commerce that can be reduced and kept low.

Show future challenges and expand your business opportunities

We provide the necessary sales, marketing and contact points tools for your sales and marketing team to take your business to the next level. This means that you get the resources you need to be successful in today’s business, but also to prepare your business for growth and to be ready when new opportunities arise.

Create personal content based on EsRP data

With Sana, you can use customer data that you’ve stored in an EsRP system to personalize e-commerce content and reach certain customer segments for optimal efficiency.

Enhance your online shopping experience

With your ERP information, you can create an online store with user-defined content, recommended products, and up-to-date information on prices, invoices, and inventory for a memorable customer experience.

Quickly launch multiple online stores

We understand that expansion and globalization will not only hinder sales in new markets. With Word Commerce, you can manage different branches of a company based on different companies, without much positioning or maintenance.

Do you want to upgrade to ERP Dynamics AX?

If your business is among those that want to take advantage of Microsoft Cloud ERP, CMS and other important business applications, you are not alone. For many companies, the transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the financial and operational fields is evident, mainly due to the transparency of the financial situation and the efficiency of their organizations.

Are you planning to update your ERP? Learn more about the financial and operational benefits of Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365.