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Sangha Investments: New Zealand Casino Development

Sangha Investments: Global Expansion into New Zealand


We have moved business around the world but non as further away as New Zealand. Our work expansion for online gaming is helping businesses to transgress from land to online. Out in New Zealand, casinos (like are having to compete with each other on the internet now, we are in the stages of completing 3 development in the gambling sector and provide online slots, poker, roulette and craps to players out in New Zealand. The complex casino list may be found at

This product review analyses the software we will be using to make this happen as New Zealand mainly runs off of SAP circuits and other complex stuff which we clear up below.

The SAP ECC e-commerce card for large companies

All your investments in SAP ECC and also in the solid owner center of your company - at the end of the period the job will be lost.

With SAP ECC EsRP in the business center, Sangha Commerce offers the recording and optimization of all business review processes. It is also perfect for all large entrepreneurs dealing with e-commerce.

Is SAP e-commerce something for your company?

• Be part of the owner of your SAP ECC EsRP in real time to provide the functionality of an online shop and to provide your customers with information on a long customer package.

• Limit silo information with SAP ECC as a source.

• Automate basic processes and support excellent processes.

• Secure your business in the cloud industry through Microsoft Azure.

• Offer a SaaS solution (Sangha SaaS) that eliminates massive textbooks.

What distinguishes the word commerce?

The Sangha Commerce integrated e-commerce software solution is partially installed in SAP ECC EsRP to avoid the complex connections required for shopping cart software or interface solutions.

Integrated EsRP solutions eliminate the challenges of managing and copying data outside of EsRP to keep your e-commerce experience seamless.

Thanks to the tight integration of SAP ECC, you can do it all without unnecessary artistic skills, giving you time to focus on opening up new business opportunities for your business.

Business decisions are based on knowledge and improve operational performance.

Word Commerce enables your business to manage future challenges and expand the scope of your business opportunities. Stay competitive by leveraging your EsRP system for our proven e-commerce solutions that automate key processes, make more informed business decisions and information, and improve operational performance.

A reliable, secure, and scalable solution

Once you’ve partnered with an e-commerce solution provider, you want to be able to confidently rely upon them as a business to handle your secured EsRP integration, your new web store digital maintenance, and key security network and compliance concerns and all this as comes as you are hoping your business evolves without fault. With Sangha, you can.

Regardless of your back-office configuration, Sangha guarantees:

• Outside-of-the-box, in real-time EsRP integration you can count on.

• Supporting e-commerce scalability with internationalization and housing optimized performance no matter what the traffic volume is.

• Hold the highest unbreeched measures in online security and data precautions compliance (with always-secured hosting measures in Azure).

• Minimalizing maintenance headaches (thanks to Sangha SaaS automation keeping you online with the most updated version of Sangha).

Direct 1-2-1 SAP ECC Integration that is Outside of the Box

Sangha’s outside-of-the-box solution offers direct integration with SAP ECC, which means even if you don’t want to worry about your customizations to support your e-commerce project. Plus, you’ll have easy implementation to set up solutions that eliminate siloed data.

Reliable, secure and scalable solution

Once you work with e-commerce solution providers, you can count on them to manage EsRP integration, e-commerce maintenance, and security and compliance issues regardless of business development. With the word it is possible.

Whatever the composition of your background office, Sangha guarantees:

• Full, real-time EsRP integration you can count on.

• Support for the scalability and internationalization of electronic commerce with optimized performance whatever the traffic.

• Compliance with the highest security and precautionary measures (always with secure hosting in Azure).

• Headache with little care (thanks to Word SaaS, which automatically saves it in the latest version of Word).

Direct integration into SAP ECC ready to use

Turnkey solution Word Solutions offers direct integration into SAP ECC. Even if you don’t want to worry about tightening e-commerce too tightly, you can easily implement a solution that contains data in silos.

An advanced approach to corporate e-commerce

Focus on customer relationships and hope that your online store will meet the changing needs of your business. Your business can enhance our turnkey solutions with additional modules, including payment, shipping, PIM, quote (CPQ), taxes and more.

**Ensure e-commerce security (always) **

The security of your e-commerce is a top priority for Word. Therefore, we use best security practices (as defined by OWASP) and never store confidential information on credit cards. Lionbridge and SAP assess, test and certify our e-commerce software.

Eliminate silos to make better decisions

With the Word solution, you can provide all your employees with the origin of the truth (EsRP). Facilitate the flow of real-time information between departments to make informed business decisions and plans that best suit your future business needs.

Create personalized content from online stores based on EsRP information

With this word, you can use the customer information you store in your EsRP system to personalize the content of your e-commerce and address specific customer segments with a highly personal and personalized experience that increases sales and customer loyalty. Customers .

Quickly open other online stores

It allows you to take your globalization and expansional strategy to the next level. If you wish to have a goal that puts you up there with the elite, we can most definitely help you reach it. With Word Commerce, depending on your company’s hosting company, you can quickly and easily access several stores without significant implementation or maintenance problems.

Do you want to know how it adapts to your current IT infrastructure?

You no longer have to worry about changing new solutions in the old IT ecosystem. Sangha e-commerce solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing business infrastructure. Click here to view the full stack of our e-commerce techniques.