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Sangha Interactive for Canadian Businesses

Sangha Interactive: Booming Op for Canadian Businesses

We push our business models across the pond to Canada and help to expand gambling ventures into the online platform.

In this section of our product base, we open up on how we are able to convert an entire landbased company in the casino sectors, into online businesses.

We are in the midst of completing a $1,200,000 deal to turn 3 casinos in Canada in to online casinos. Players will now have access to online slots, roulette, poker and lotteries when they want, no matter where they are.

Our products below will explain how all this is possible and how you can convert your business into an online titan.

Extend the functionality of Dynamics 1365 Business Central

If you’ve invested in Microsoft Dynamics 1365 Business Central, you’ve taken the first step towards a solid and rapidly developing e-commerce experience based on business logic and knowledge of Dynamics 1365 EsRP. An online shop integrated into the Sangha shop is the next natural step. Here because

Sangha Commerce is the first e-commerce application to be officially recognized in AppSource. Thanks to Sangha’s plug-and-play technology, you can create a fully functional online shop in just a few clicks.

Accelerate your growth with e-commerce with Dynamics 1365 Business Central

With Sangha, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your ecommerce experience to achieve faster and easier deployment. Your investment in Dynamics 1365 Business Central gives you the opportunity to get scalable, knowledge-based EsRP e-commerce that Sangha knows quickly.

You can also count on:

• Integration of front and back office systems (and integrated business environments that can be easily scaled, customized and expanded).

• Time-saving automation functions (thanks to real-time synchronization of EsRP data).

• Uniform view of your customers and simplified inventory management on all channels.

• Faster delivery of orders (and therefore happier customers).

Fully functional in a few clicks, with e-commerce integrated with Dynamics 1365 Business Central

Sangha Commerce can transform Dynamics 1365 Business Central into an e-commerce engine experience and provide the necessary flexibility and functionality of e-commerce, without adding complexity during the distribution process. Furthermore, our software is directly connected (and partially based on) EsRP Dynamics 1365 Business Central. This offers customers a level of comfort, clarity, and control that goes far beyond what the interface platform or cart provider offers.

A multifunctional solution that can be reduced

You already have an EsRP system that integrates processes and contributes to business growth. Why can’t you accelerate growth with an online store that uses Dynamics 1365 Business Central?

Build your business to grow with scalable solutions like the Sangha Integrated Online Store for Dynamics 1365 Business Central. In a few weeks, you can create a flexible and fully functional online store without major changes, simplifying installation and maintenance, simplifying directory management, and most of all, satisfying and keeping customers online.

Ready to use EsRP integration

Never worry about data saved again. Our turnkey solution is fast and easy to implement and always synchronizes Dynamics 1365 Business Central data in real time.

Flexible and expandable

With Sangha you have functionality ready, but you can also adjust and enhance the experience as you wish. Our standard features can be developed with extensions for everything from payments to shipping to PIM and others.

Support for global brands

Sangha provides simplified e-commerce management with native support for your B2B, B2C, D2C business model. Our solutions include features (such as multi-currency support and multilingual applications) to strengthen your business growth plans.

Accelerate your sales: increase your reach

E-commerce is the best way to reach more global markets, open new sales channels and create new business touch points. Working with Sangha means that the team must provide sales and marketing tools to best reach potential customers and generate more online sales without having to do unnecessary data maintenance, business processes or silent manual tasks.

Optimize and optimize your business processes

In the online market, it is no longer possible to compete at competitive prices. Investing in Sangha Commerce creates a mutually beneficial scenario for your business and your customers.

Enjoy everything you love about Sangha and more with SaaS Sangha

Microsoft Dynamics 1365 Business Central is a powerful system that you can use to move your core business to the cloud. How about a solid virtual store that is always sufficient to connect?

Sangha SaaS is a turnkey solution that can be used quickly, offers automatic updates and does not require weight adjustment. Worried about the cost? We offer convenient monthly payment. Are you afraid that the changes will be expensive? With a few clicks, you can add new features to the App Store.