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Sangha Interactive come to Atlantic City

Sangha E-Commerce Expansion in Atlantic City

We have now joined the online market of gambling and casino outlets based in Atlantic City.

Since the birth of Atlantic City, gambling and casinos have been the forefront of business. We are now working in the sector to bring about business change, taking casino and casino games provided by these establishments and helping them to put their services online.

Here we share with you the software and products issued by us that will make it possible and allow their clients to play all the slots, roulette and poker they can handle at their own convenience.

Sustainable business transformation: Integrated e-commerce for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations increases your business information, offers more flexibility and increases internal efficiency. The integrated solution from Sangha Commerce goes one step further and enables you to integrate powerful, customer-oriented functions into your online shop. In addition, Sangha Commerce is the first officially recognized e-commerce application on AppSource.

What can Sangha Commerce do for you?

• Offer your company an integrated e-commerce solution with Dynamics 365 for operational and real-time data.

• Offers a fast and easy-to-maintain cloud-based e-commerce solution (available from Appsource).

• Allows you to offer your customers a reliable e-commerce experience with sophisticated core functions.

• Make sure your online store is secure by hosting one of the most secure and reliable hosting systems in the world on Microsoft Azure.

• Offer a SaaS solution (Sangha SaaS) that keeps your online shop up to date and ensures that you always use the latest version of Sangha.

Continue to grow your business

Sangha’s e-commerce solutions are as flexible, fast and scalable as your Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations ERP.

You can wait:

• Integration of front-office and back-office systems (and a uniform, easily measurable, adaptable and expandable business environment).

• Fast automation functions (thanks to real-time ERP data synchronization).

• A coherent image of your customers and simplified inventory management on all channels.

• Faster order processing (and therefore happier customers).

A scalable all-in-one solution

If you want to accelerate the growth of your business with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, you need a scalable solution like Sanghan. By choosing Sanghan, you can open a world-class e-commerce that also increases internal efficiency, increases productivity, excites online customers and innovates with easily customizable solutions as your business grows.

Thanks to the reliability of our solutions, Sangha can help you increase or decrease your online store for better performance, manage maximum traffic, sell in different regions or models, and much more, regardless of your back office configuration.

Take a few markets and grow your business with Sangha

E-commerce allows you to reach multiple global markets, open new sales channels and create new sales contacts. With Sangha e-commerce solutions, your business can easily grow and develop, simplify internal processes and increase online sales without worrying about data maintenance, separate business processes or unnecessary manual processes.

Create SEO and sitemap

Give your marketing team the tools they need to easily manage important online marketing activities and generate more (and better) inbound traffic.

Online marketing site with CMS

Simply create a premium online store that is easy to navigate and ready for customer use. Enhance and personalize your e-commerce experience with unique banners, special content, recommended products and much more.

Practical advice for email marketing

Reach your potential customers more effectively in your Sangha online store (plugins) and follow best practices to find the best ways to activate potential customers online (eg With abandoned basketball posts, email subscriptions, News), etc. ).

Optimize and optimize your business processes

With integrated e-commerce solutions from Sangha, you can optimize business processes, increase sales, increase internal efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. It is very important to minimize the internal workload to focus on larger business goals. Sangha makes it easy for you and continues to benefit your business as it grows and new challenges arise.

Warehouse management

Use Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, the inventory management features and tell your customers which products they can buy, how many and when unavailable products are available.

Better cash processing

Simplify invoice management by receiving payment for all remaining invoices directly from your online store. We guarantee you and your customers 100% accurate billing information in real time.

Creation of global brands

A wide variety of languages and currencies open up e-commerce to markets around the world. Sangha provides relevant location-based content that you can use to build a global brand and increase sales.

Full integration into ERP

Sangha’s turnkey solution is quick and easy to implement and can be integrated into real-time data from Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. Separate data and unnecessary background maintenance are also avoided.

Sangha Commerce Flexible and expandable

Flexible online store that can be developed. If you think that our ready-to-use solution is not sufficient, it can be customized for payment, shipping, PIM, offer specifications (CPQ), taxes, etc. Customize and improve your business needs (if needed). ).

Sangha Multistore trade

Support for multiple stores and sales models. Sangha offers simplified management of electronic commerce with native support for B2B, B2C, D2C, whatever the business model. Our solution includes features (such as multicurrency support and multilingual support) to support your business growth plans.