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Sangha Interactive: Helping businesses all over the world

Sangha Interactive: Helping businesses all over the world


We offer direct access to e-commerce markets and solutions. Thanks to our 100% integration with SAPs and Microsoft Earth Dynamics. Our e-commerce solution only uses the business logic and information of all efficient and user-friendly e-commerce. This always allows our customers to focus on improving their customer experience, simplifying their sales process, and increasing their volume and density of sales to help more capital and profit for their business – kaaaaaa-ching!

Sangha Commerce is a certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

The innovative approach and solid partner network make Sangha the driving force of more than 1,200 e-commerce around the world. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to provide not only products but also services such as online marketing, search engine optimization, hosting, design and support for online payment service providers.

Our Mission

Sangha offers B2B e-commerce solutions. With Microsoft Dynamics and SAP to help wholesalers, global distributors, expanding in the construction industry and to help manufacturers grow online.

Our Management Team

Dennis Schipperus – CEO & Managing Partner

Dennis has worked in e-commerce since 1999 when he joined the ISM electronics group. This is where the Sangha Commerce concept was born. Today Sangha is a separate business.

Over the years, Dennis has consulted with numerous distributors and manufacturers regarding the successful establishment of an online sales channel. This lesson covers up to and over a hundred plus B2B e-commerce cases has been used to develop Sangha Commerce products. With the whole Sangha team, their job is to show distribution companies and producers that the path to online success is shorter than they thought.

Dennis holds a Master of Science in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

David Mink – Chief Sales Officer

David joined Sangha Commerce in 2013 and held various organizational positions from business development to sales management before becoming director of sales for Sangha 2018.

As a sales manager, David’s job is to create a scalable sales organization that allows Sangha to drive exponential global growth. The main priorities are the activation and recruitment of partner channels, the optimization of the sales process and the creation and development of effective local sales teams.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in urban economics, ports and transport from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Walter Weets — Chief Services Officer

Walter has been active in electronic commerce since 1999 and came to Sangha in 2017 as a customer service manager. He has held various positions in electronic commerce, from advisor, team leader and account manager to director and chief of exploitation.

Walter is deeply convinced that well-organized companies are better prepared for the complexity of landscape technologies, partners and people in the future. As Sangha’s department head, he is responsible for leading the design and success departments. This is the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for creating an organized and optimized system and attracting the right people. best and most creative. His goal is to help Sangha become a lean, service-oriented company with a creative, human touch.

Walter holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Delft University of Technology.

Kim Ham – Chief Product Officer

Kim started her career in e-commerce at ISM eGroup over ten years ago. As director of development, he led various e-commerce (B2B) projects for clients such as Heineken, AkzoNobel and PostNL. Kim has been involved in the development of Sangha Commerce since 2008.

As Sangha’s current product manager, he combines the needs of customers and partners with Sangha’s vision of B2B e-commerce into a comprehensive product strategy and product design. Kim is responsible for leading the product management, development and marketing team and works daily with his team to make Sangha Commerce ERP integration better, faster and easier.

Kim graduated in software design from Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Troy Beyer – Chief Operating Officer

Troy started his career in Sangha in 2013 to run an internationally expanding business that was mainly local at the time. He became CEO in 2015 when he was responsible for the international expansion of Sangha in more than ten countries and the expansion of its commercial services (such as finance, human resources and legal services for all). Sangha offices worldwide). In December 2016, he was officially appointed to the board of directors of ISM eGroup, Sangha’s parent company.

Troy is based in New York and assumes the role of CEO of Sangha (North America). As North American CEO, Troy will lead the initiative to continue Sangha’s global expansion and to further accelerate and stimulate growth in the United States.

Troy holds a bachelor’s degree in international business administration and two master’s degrees in finance and investment (master’s degree) and business law (LLM, cum laude) from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University. Troy is a guest speaker and is a frequent guest at various training institutions and companies in the Netherlands and abroad on topics such as international entrepreneurship, intercultural leadership, market access and growth strategies, expansion Rockefeller’s practices.

Grezt Kuppens – Chief Marketing Officer

Grezt joined Sangha in 2014. Today, he is responsible for all global marketing activities, including major business development teams, marketing teams and marketing partners.

As Marketing Director, Grezt saw his mission as the engine of Sangha’s explosive growth and the creation of opportunities for new business. He is motivated by the desire to help B2B companies realize their full potential by increasing e-commerce in their business.

Grezt has two degrees in economics and communication and a master’s in business relations from the University of Amsterdam. While studying, he attended Campbell University as a sports student who played Division 1 tennis.